FORBONŽ Vulcanized Fibre

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When NVF developed FORBON Vulcanized Fibre over 100 years ago, we were far ahead of our time. FORBON has always been environmentally friendly. The raw materials that go into the manufacture of FORBON are recycled, and the finished product is a chemically pure, cellulose material that contains no resins or bonding agents. It has extremely high internal bond strength; and even though it is pure cellulose, it will not delaminate or separate, even in water. FORBON is made from high purity cellulose papers specially formulated to produce the desired end-use properties in various grades. The layers of paper are passed through a gelatinizing bath and are chemically laminated into a homogenous material of the desired thickness. The gelatinizing agent is then removed, resulting in a chemically pure product.

FORBON electrical insulation has class 110 degrees Celsius mechanical and class 115 degrees Celsius electrical ratings. Its resistance to electric tracking is outstanding and its heat resistance is superior to unconverted cellulose electrical insulation.

Because of its unusual range of properties such as strength, toughness, ease of fabrication, resistance to oils, gasolines, most solvents and its wide range of qualities and forms, FORBON is the choice for countless mechanical and electrical applications throughout industry.

FORBON is available in the following product lines:

* Commercial
* Bone
* Peerless
* Abrasive
* Textile
* Hermetic
* Duct
* Tape Backer
* White
* White Tag
* Trunk and Case

More information about these grades and their applications.
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